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Our lawyers are experts with a passion for the industry. We have all the legal skills and resources needed to help clients, solve problems and manage complex and diverse projects across multiple areas of law.
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Our law firm counts on specialized professionals on Administrative Law, Public Services, Public Contracts and we offer our advice on administrative stage, administrative and judicial controversy in front of the Contentious and Administrative Tribunals.

In Ecuador, the use of arbitration, an alternative means of conflict resolution has been gradually increasing. We advise on the benefits of arbitration and argue on behalf of our clients in front of arbitrators.

We advise regarding the constitutional legality of rules and regulations. Also, we counsel clients to ensure that their fundamental human rigths are protected as is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ecuador.

In the rights of the consumer co-sponsored both the company and the consumer in their provider relations - consumer.

We offer our services in the incorporation of companies, merger, division. Likewise litigate in the administrative stage - Superintendency of Companies - as at the trial stage at the acts of the regulatory authority - Contentious Administrative Courts. We assist companies in Intervention phases, dissolution and liquidation.
We provide professional expertise in the areas of commercial law.

Our firm`s competent professionals are experts in all the relevant stages of criminal litigation: Inquiry, instruction and trial. One of the strengths is arguing your case orally before the criminal courts.

Advice on insurance, civil damages, environmental, medical malpractice. Litigation.

Our clients often need to know a detailed study of processes that develop both in the administrative and judicial controversy, and for it our study offers its services in each of the areas.

It is one of the most important areas for the study, so it provides services in administrative and judicial actions whose owners they be individual and collective.

We have capabilities for the best advice on copyright and related rights; registration of trademarks, trade names, patents, utility models, contracts, assignment. Judicial and Administrative Litigation in Intellectual Property.

We counsel both employers and workers on administrative and judicial procedures including collective bargaining agreements.

Our clients often need a detailed knowledge of legal work being done by other lawyers they have hired. We offer auditing services of other legal representatives.

Administrative procedures in the procurement and development of mining, administrative litigation against acts of administrative and judicial authority in the Courts of Administrative

In this area our law firm has qualified professionals, investigation and litigation, specifically in criminal litigation.

We offer legal consulting services to individuals, societies and businesses. We provide tax planning services, make tax office inquiries and present petitions and complaints at the Tax Office. We argue administrative and judicial tax disputes. We also offer our services in customs, local and criminal tax law.

We can assist you in obtaining a residence visa, extended travel, retirement or working visa in Ecuador. Our office has specialized services to ensure your application is approved with minimal bureaucratic delays.

LEGAL INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION: Our services are available in English, Spanish or French. We interpret and translate legal and other texts into and from these languages.